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January 13, 2013
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EM3: Paint or Thinner? (Paint Ending with Prescott)

So you have reached Prescott. What will you do? Will you redeem him or defeat him?


This was it. There was just one more piece to go and this battle would be over.

Prescott was in a daze, a hand on his head as he tried to process what was going on. His arms and legs were fully painted, his gears running smoothly but stopping for a short while then starting again, and his toon half was finally taking control once more. The canons no longer fired any junk or thinner canon balls and his centrepiece was left wide open.

"Mickey! Oswald! The centrepiece is open! Use paint to restore it and it may just turn Prescott good again!" Gus yelled at them from the sidelines. Oswald nodded and stepped back for his brother to finish the job.

Mickey ran forward, paint on the tip of his brush, and looked up at the face of Prescott. He no longer looked angry or had the look of killing on his face, but he just looked plain confused. When he saw Mickey though, a small smile appeared on his face and he gave him a thumbs up. "G-Go ahead. D-D-Do what you have t-t-to do." He stuttered and his body started moving side to side before falling to his knees and becoming woozy once more.

Mickey nodded and quickly got closer to him and started painting in the centrepiece  the laser out of juice. Once it was filled in, the gears stopped working and Prescott stopped moving. His eyes closed, swayed back and forth before falling down.

"Outta the way!" Oswald shouted and he and Mickey ran towards Gus as Prescott hit the ground, hard. Everyone, and the piles of junk, jumped in the air and came back down. Slowly, the toons walked over to him and worried if he was alive or not. Suddenly, Prescott's eyes snapped open and the toons jumped back. Then, they got a closer look at his face. He had two healthy eyes again. He was alive.
Prescott smiled and laughed a bit but realized he was still half animatronic. "Am I going to stay like this forever?" He asked with tears choking his throat. Gus floated over to him and placed on his cheek as he started to cry silently, clenching his fists as he banged the ground in despair.

Mickey and Oswald looked at him sadly and looked at each other for ideas. Mickey's ears perked up when he saw the Tints flying around their pool and moving closer to the mouse. Mickey beckoned them further with his brush and pointed at Prescott. The Tints looked at him then at Prescott, finally getting what he meant. They flew over to him and started surrounding him in a blue glow and lifting him from the ground. More Tints appeared from the pool and helped out the others as Prescott's eyes snapped open and watched as the Tints started their work. His eyes widened as his whole form was finally covered and he glowed brightly once more. Finally, the Tints brought him back to the ground and flew off to another place.

Prescott was unconscious but he was back to normal size again, breathing slowly through his mouth and nose, a full toon once more.

Mickey and Oswald smiled and high fived each other but were tackled by Gus, hugging them both around the necks in a death grip.
"Thank you boys, thank you so much." He said tearfully and hiccupped as he started to cry happily, hugging them both tightly and thrilled to have one of his clan members back in his family. Mickey and Oswald looked at another and patted their friend's back comfortingly. They let go of each other and started to head back with Prescott on Mickey's back.

As soon as they got back to the camp, all of the gremlins looked up and smiles broke out on their worn faces. Sparks gasped happily and hugged Jamface, who was caught off by surprise, tightly and Calvin went to go tell the other gremlins in Mean Street of the news. The other gremlins started dancing with one another and cheered for the heroes that brought back a clan member safe and sound.

"Will he be alright?" Mickey asked Gus as he laid Prescott on a cot set up for him. Gus looked down at Prescott's sleeping form and back at Mickey with a smile.

"He will be Mickey. He just needs rest and probably something for his stomach." Gus replied and shouted to one of the gremlins, "Someone prepare him some food!" He turned back to the brothers and wiped his nose with his hand. " I can't thank you enough Mickey and Oswald. You both have my clan's and my grateful gratitude. Whenever you need our help, we'll give it to you for free, no matter how tough the job is. We will help you no matter what for we are in your debt."

"Aw Gus, it's really nothing." Oswald said with a nervously chuckle and rubbed the back of his head. Mickey smiled and patted Gus's arm. "Thanks Gus. We won't let you guys down." Gus smiled again and was about to say something else when Markus came running into the camp.

"Uncle! Is it true? Did they save him? Did they finally beat him and return him to normal?" Markus asked grabbing his uncle's hands and bouncing on his feet. Gus was surprised at the energy that his nephew was displaying but laughed joyfully. "Yes, of course! You can see him." He said and beckoned him forward to the cot. Markus laughed like a small child and flew up to the cot, only to stop with a frown on his face.

"Uncle? W-What happened to his face? And his arms?!" Markus asked in a shaky voice, pointing to Prescott's bare arms and face. The trio looked closer and saw what Markus was talking about. Prescott's face had faint small scars or closed up cuts scattered about and on his arms were scratches and marks that were hard to explain where he got them.

"It's probably from when he was with the Petes. He must have gotten them when he was making those machines for him." Gus answered calmly placing a hand on Markus's shoulder. Jamface and the other gremlins had joined them but they were quiet and being respectful. Markus's eyes searched over his body before sighing and sitting on a chair next to the cot.

"Well, at least he's here and he's safe. That way, we can patch him up and he'll be new again." Markus said in a cheerful tone taking off his glove and placing it on Prescott's gloveless hand. He smiled at them before returning his gaze to Prescott's unmoved face.
Then Markus gasped loudly and everyone looked at him with confused looks. Markus looked back at them and they saw that Prescott's hand was twitching slightly. Everyone else gasped and waited as Prescott slowly opened his eyes, blinking and adjusting the brand new lighting.

"Wh…Where am I?" Prescott asked softly and squeezed Markus's hand tightly. Markus jumped a little inside but looked back at Prescott with tears in his eyes and smiled at him.

"You're back home Prescott. With us." He said and squeezed his hand back. Prescott looked at him through half-lidded eyes before looking down at their hands. Markus realized what he was doing and let go immediately, blushing in embarrassment. "S-Sorry about that! I just needed to reassure myself you were here and-"

Prescott stopped him by weakly placing his own hand on the other gremlin's cheek and looking up at him with a small smile. "Your…skin is warm. I haven't felt this kind of touch in…months." He said in a soft voice.

This caused Markus to blush even more but he was quite confused. "Um…Thank you?" He frowned in concern for the gremlin. "Prescott, what are you talking about?"

Prescott dropped his hand and moved to sit up shakily. He sighed and closed his eyes, holding his hands together. "Do…Do you know what it is like to be half robot and half toon?"

This question caught everyone off guard. They looked at one another and shook their heads.

"It's…it's something that I can't really explain in words but when you become one, you feel powerful. So, so powerful and you just want more. You want more power and more control that soon, that side starts to take over you and diminish any chance of your toon side to take back that control. The two sides fight and…it's just one huge battle within you and all you can do is just sit there and not do anything while they fight." Prescott explained tiredly. "When it takes over, all you can feel is metal and rough patches. Nothing feels toonlike or even soft or silky or any of the emotions we feel everyday that we take for granted. You just become so hollow and empty, you start to wonder if you really have become a robot or if you are still a toon." He sighed again, rubbing his eyes. "I-I'm sorry, I just feel so exhausted and-"

"No, it's alright Prescott." Gus interrupted him, placing a hand on his shoulder. He sighed heavily and said, "Prescott, I know this may be too late to tell you, but I am deeply sorry for everything I and the clan have done to you. We apologize for ignoring you and not seeing what your intelligence could do for the Wasteland. The only reason why I was hesitant on putting you on the front line was because I was afraid of losing you Prescott. I didn't want that to happen because I wanted to protect you, but here we are." He lowered his head in shame. "I'm so sorry. I never wanted this to happen. If I had only listened to you…"

The other gremlins also looked away in shame, including Markus, except for Jamface who met Prescott's eyes with his. Prescott stared at him before looking at the older gremlin's face and saw that he truly meant it. He looked at the others, Mickey and Oswald and at Markus, all sniffling and feeling disappointed in themselves. Prescott couldn't believe it and looked back down at his hands. He closed his eyes before re-opening them and smiling.

"I forgive you all." He said in his own cheerful tone. Everyone looked up at him, ecstatic and happy that he had forgiven them all, but he wagged a finger in the air and said, "On one condition. I get to move out of the gag factory and to somewhere else."

"Granted." Gus said and moved beside Markus. "Where would you like to go?"

Prescott thought about it before smiling again and looking over at Markus. "I believe I heard that Markus was creating some of my inventions from the blueprints he got from the factory?"

Markus jumped again and his cheeks turned red-orange and he laughed nervously. "S-Sorry? I-I-I ca-can explain…"

"I would like to work with him on creating something else that could help us against the Petes, sir. He can become my assistant." Prescott continued, ignoring Markus's stumble and smiled at him.

Markus's mouth dropped opened but he closed it and straightened his posture, nodding and saluting at Prescott. Every gremlin cheered and slapped Markus's back while surrounding Prescott and shaking his hand and talking with him. One of the gremlins handed him a bowl of soup and he took it a smile and started eating, after all those torturing months with the Petes. He actually struck up a conversation with Jamface and laughed at a joke that Markus made. He was back to being himself.

Mickey and Oswald moved away from the group and Gus hovered next to them with a smile and tears in his eyes once more. The brothers laughed but were interrupted by Jamface's cough. They looked at him and he looked back at them with a serious look. His expression relaxed and he floated over to them, placing two items each in their hands.

"As much as I hate Prescott, I am glad that you both got him back. Bon travail mes amis." He said and flew off to join the other gremlins. The brothers looked at each before looking down at the items in their hands.

In each hand there was a piece of a half broken heart, the key to the next area to beat another Pete. The second item was a thousand E-tickets in Oswald's hand and a pin in Mickey's hand. The pin was a picture of Prescott, smiling with his eyes closed and cheeks a bit puffed. On the back, it said, "The Happy Gremlin Pin"

Mickey and Oswald smiled at each other and nodded at one another, knowing their mission was a success. They waved to the others and started to walk back to the projector that would lead them to Mean Street, Gus following behind closely. The gremlins waved and shouted their thanks and goodbyes to the trio, their hopes uplifted by the courageous and thoughtful act done by them.


I see you have chosen the Paint path. A wise choice on my behalf and for the others. Not only have you succeeded in restoring Prescott back into a toon, you have helped him feel his emotions once more. The Gremlins are complete once more and will help you in your time of need, whenever and whatever happens. Word has gotten out to the other Toons and now they feel they have a chance against them. They will let you continue your actions, in hopes of you doing the same to the Petes. Will you do the right thing and lead them into battle?
Alright, so this is kind of a collaboration with Middy, :iconmidnightsdarkangel: She came up with the The EM3 concept that Prescott would be a major boss again and that, well, he would be half-animatronic in the battle.

Check out her tumblr for more information: [link] (Already tagged "Epic Mickey 3" for you convenience)

AGAIN, this all fan-made and not real. We doubt this will even happen cause it's Disney.

Before Battle: [link]
Thinner Ending: [link]

All characters belongs to Disney©
Writing belongs to moi:iconpoplilly4009:©
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i love happy endings like this. I'll do my best if i ever get any of the Epic Mickey games to get the super happy paint ending.
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First playthrough(as in reading), I choose the thinner path, for the tears. Second one, I went with the hero path. :tears: IT'S SO TOUCHING!!!!
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I'm glad you loved it :D Any favorite parts from all three or just the two? (Beginning, Thinner and Paint)
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Hmm, my favorite part would be when Gus was gripping Mickey by the throat and he was furious,(not that I like Mickey being hurt but, it is a really serious moment) never expected that coming.
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